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Wendy Daim Navy

Wendy a également sa version Top, la Wendy Daim. Fabriqué en cuir daim véritable de haute qualité et recouvert de laine douce, ce modèle combine des matériaux de qualité qui garantissent confort, résistance et durabilité dans le temps. Vous pouvez porter Wendy Daim au bureau ou pour sortir entre amis, c’est la chaussure parfaite pour toutes les occasions.

Cuir Daim:
Basés à Florence en Italie, chez Hey Dude, nous avons accès au daim italien de la plus haute qualité pour la production de nos célèbres modèles de chaussures. Les chaussures en daim, attrayantes et résistantes, offrent une protection et un confort inégalés.

Ce produit est actuellement en rupture et indisponible.

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Conseils de sélection de taille:

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Caractéristiques :

  • Coupe ample et confortable
  • Tige en cuir suédé véritable de haute qualité
  • Doublure intérieure en laine
  • S’enfile facilement en glissant dedans
  • Semelle intérieure interne en mousse à mémoire



HEYDUDE began in 2008, Florence, Italy when Alessandro Rosano started to make shoes that looked like modern footwear but felt more like comfortable slippers. Since then one man’s passion and commitment have provided the foundation for a new era in lightweight footwear design! HEYDUDE was born in the Tuscan region of Italy, a unique part of the world known for its artistic, historical and cultural heritage but also for its natural beauty, creativity, and craftsmanship. It is also famous for the established traditions used today in modern shoemaking. When it comes to HEYDUDE we believe in the details - We have taken the concept of shoe design and manufacturing back to the basics, by wiping the slate clean we took an unconventional approach to design, enabling us to create an incredibly comfortable and lightweight shoe. We took apart classic styles, removed the heavy, stiff, metal parts and then reconstructed them using our own patented Primo Ultralight EVA Sole technology, and lightweight yet hard-wearing materials to create the lightest and comfiest shoes yet! HEYDUDE shoes make living easier step-by-step, whatever the environment. They will change your attitude to life: in play, at work, and recovery after sport. Take it easy and defy convention with the funkiest, comfiest shoes straight out of the box! Made with love from us to you! Each new style is so much more than just an awesome shoe. It’s the promise of a new adventure, and an opportunity for exciting unique discoveries. TIMELINE In Sept 2008 HEY DUDE & WALLY were founded in VINCI Italie by Alessandro and Dario In Feb 2009 1st Hey Dude shoes hit the market In April 2010 Daniele jumps on board and opens USA branch June 2010 HEY DUDE expands the market to Europe, Eastern Asia & South America Oct 2011 1’000’000 pairs sold WorldWide July 2014 Daniele almost gives up on US branch, but 2 weeks later Buckle orders Huge Shipment Oct 2017 Partnership with ZAPPOS January 2017 The Mistral  1st Hey Dude Water shoe is born December 2017 1’000’000 pairs sold in US March 2018 WENDY the women version of Wally is born August 2018 5’000’000 shoes sold WorldWide September 2018 10 years anniversairy
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